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How to change mcuconf.h values in the code generator?

Question asked by Aurelien.Leclercq on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by Aurelien.Leclercq
I always have to manually change some values in mcuconf.h when I generate the code out of the config because I can't find how to set them in the config or anywhere else.
I'm using a 16MHz external xtal and I have to set SPC5_FMPLL0_IDF_VALUE and SPC5_FMPLL1_IDF_VALUE to 2 instead of the default 5. Same for SPC5_MCONTROL_DIVIDER_VALUE that I have to set to 15 instead of 1 to get my ICU-PWM config to work. Where can I set these value in the config to get correct values on code generation?
Thank you for all improvments since the v2.0