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Data Mode SPWF01SC.11

Question asked by KUMAR.NANDEESH on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by KUMAR.NANDEESH
Hai Guys !

I am using SPWF01SC.11 , I have connected this with the micro controller via UART.

From the micro controller I am sending a command AT+S.SOCKD= port number through UART.

Now my WiFi module received the command and entered into the data mode.

I know the IP address and port number of the wifi module now and  i connected it from my computer.

Now I have a sent the  string ' Hai' from my computer and I can see the string in the data mode on hyper terminal.

My question :  
1. what will happen on the wifi module once it received the string in the data mode ?
2. will it send the string through UART ?