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STM32Cube™ available for the new STM32L0 MCUs

Question asked by Amel N Employee on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2015 by ELIK
Rich development ecosystem helps designers cut power consumption to the bone

Enhanced STM32CubeMX
design tools, including the Power Consumption Calculator wizard now support the STM32L0, helping designers use the new devices to reach ultra-low power-consumption targets.
helps accelerate generation of initialization code and simplifies porting of designs between different STM32 devices.

Some numbers
  • run consumption down to 87µA/MHz
  • 440nA stop mode with full RAM data retention
  • fast wakeup time of 3.5µs  


  • Unique process technology that maintains stability over a wide temperature range
  • The world’s lowest power consumption at 125°C
  • The world’s lowest ADC power consumption (The 12-bit on-chip ADC draws only 48µA when operating at 100ksample/s)

Coming soon

     A new STM32L0 Nucleo board featuring Morpho and Arduino-compatible connectors and fully supported by (mid 2014)
    Discovery kit that will host an ePaper display as well as a linear capacitive touch and self-test measurement system enabling users to measure MCU power consumption in real-time (mid 2014)
    Optimized sample-code snippets dedicated to STM32L0 MCUs will also be available for both the Nucleo board and Discovery kit, providing further help for designers seeking the lowest power-consumption profile.

For engineers in Europe, ST is hosting a series of 
free seminars on ultra-low-power microcontroller-based firmware designs with a focus on RF. Attendees get a free STM32 L0 Nucleo kit and the M24SR NFC/RFID memory shield.

For further information and to download STM32Cube free of charge, please visit

STM32CubeL0 Press Release