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STM32L486xx SDMMC peripheral and eMMC memory

Question asked by Elliot on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by Imen D
Hi ,
I'm using STM32L486RG microcontroller and I'm trying  to use the SDMMC IP to interface with EMMC32G-M525-X01U an eMMC memory from Micron with 
32Gb of size.

I found in the reference manual that the SDMMC  peripheral for the STM32L4 MCUs is in full compliance with the MMC v4.2 specification. In other hand, my
eMMC is compliant with the v5.0 of the MMC standard.To more understand the differences between the two versions of the spec, I visited this website (link)
and I deduced that if I will use the SDMMC peripheral of the STM32L486RG MCU , I will just be able to only do basic operation ( read , write , erase ) advanced 
features like ( boot , dual boot , secure trim , etc ...) will be skipped.

Is this right or wrong ? and what about data rate ? what is the maximum level provided by the SDMMC ?
I really count on your valuable support . I have also wondered if there's an STM32 HAL driver which enable me to interface with this memory.

Thanks in advance.