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USB Connection going from application to bootloader (and vice versa)

Question asked by Wood.Robert on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by ivan.zilic
I have managed to get a VCP/CDC bootloader going and the ability to use USB to tell the unit to go into bootloader mode from the main application. I do this via a Qt program running on Linux (as well as Windows and OS X) that sends an encrypted new image over USB or sends simple, unencrypted, requests such as get version number, change to bootloader etc.

When I have switched from either of these two modes, the USB doesn't work any more unless I power down the unit and power it back up. I can then, after rebooting the Qt application on Linux, access the unit over USB again.

So, for example, I'm in main application, connect the USB, boot the Qt app on Linux, tell the unit to go into bootloader mode and sure enough it does go into bootloader mode. I can quite clearly see the heartbeat LED pattern change to the bootloader pattern. The USB just will not load the new program unless I power cycle the unit and reboot the Qt program. Once I do that, I can install the new version of the software via the bootloader just fine.

Does anyone know whether there is a way round this please?

In case it's useful I'm using an F107 in device mode.

Many thanks!