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ST-Linkv2 Pod: Connection in "Low Power Mode"

Question asked by roofie01 on Nov 27, 2016
Sorry if this question may have been answered, I was unable to find anything in the forum on this.

Using an STM32F405/64pin device. Boot 0 is tied to GND through a 470R resistor. Since I'm using flash boot, I left Boot1 floating (although this is not good, next time I will put it through a resistor to GND as well)
However, there's a bit of strangeness going on. When it connects, it gives the message "Debug in Low Power mode enabled.". I have some debug statements in the code so I want to use the SWO viewer. Every few time I use it, It pops up a message indicating it has disconnected from the port after clicking the start in the viewer. Then I click start again, and it goes on from there with no problem.

Now, I also have a JTAG Base pod. I can flash the device, and it goes to main and holds. When I select RUN/F5 ( in IAR) it starts running, prints out the first debug statement, then a pop-up window says "Failed to get CPU status after 4 tries". If I click "No" to halting the debugger, it will run the code again momentarily - as it prints out the lines that would have printed out if it were running - then stops again with the same message.

I have other designs I have flashed and run using the same 2 pods, and not seen this. Can anyone provide some insight as to what is going on?