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ST-Link V2 dongle broken?

Question asked by parsec67 on Nov 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2016 by parsec67
Purchased from Mouser 1.5 years ago but not used until now. I am getting "Can not connect to target!" error message in ST-Link Utility whether I try my Mini-M4 for STM32 (415RG, JTAG/SWD) or my Discovery board (407VG, SWD).

Using the Discovery onboard ST-Link I can connect to the Mini-M4 using SWD without problems so the chip is fine. Programming either board via bootloader - also fine. I have tried on a different PC, swapping USB cables, updating ST-Link firmware, verifying the wiring etc. etc. with no luck.

In the ST-Link Utility error log I see this:

ST-Link/V2 device detected
Target voltage detected: 1.565422
Error getting target IDCODE: if SWD, check SWD connection
Error (4) while initializing ST-Link in SWD mode

Is the target voltage too low?

This is so frustrating, just when I need it if refuses to play. Are there ways to further fault search this issue or should I just stop pulling my hear, declare it shot and move on and buy another one?