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STM32F030 Read protect

Question asked by barningham.andrew on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by barningham.andrew
Hi Support,

I posted previously on this, started a new thread as reply wouldn't work!

I am unable to get the read protect to work properly all the time, sometimes i can get it to work and sometimes it doesn't. I am following the manual and code examples but still having no success.

I unlock the flash, i unlock the option flash using the same key. I set the appropiate enable bits, then i write 'OB->RDP = 0x6699', then i reset the appropiate bits and lock the flash.

All i want to do is set the read protect once on cold start in the code rather than using read protect function in the ST bootloader application.

Do you have some example code for me to use.

Thanks in Advance