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STM32F746IG CAN2 Problem

Question asked by dmitriev.artyom on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by Alan Chambers
I am trying to use CAN1 and CAN2 on custom board based on STM32F746IGT6 controller. Can1 is work perfect, but using  of Can2 i can't neither receive nor even transmit messages. For both Can i use SN65HVD234 bus transceivers, use the same settings. For can2 PB6 and PB5 pins is used with no pullup/pulldown. Can2 works in Silent Loopback mode, I tried to set up filters (14,15,16), and it  works in this mode. When i I am trying to send messages in normal mode,  I get Bit dominant Error. What can be wrong? On my board i use USB, but with USB init or without can2 doesn't work.