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Waiting for spi MISO pin change after ADC conversion

Question asked by teal.andy on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by teal.andy
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Anyway, I'm trying to read an AD7190 with STM32F7 via SPI2.
Using HAL library ver 1.5.1
The issue is that the chip's data out (DOUT / MISO) also doubles up as !RDY meaning I need to setup the MISO pin for SPI, but also read the state of it. RDY signifies that an ADC conversion is complete and can be read from the serial bus.
Reading the state of the MISO pin with HAL_GPIO_ReadPin(GPIOB, GPIO_PIN_15) does not seem to work.
How can I check the status of the SPI2 MISO pin and wait for it to go low ?