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STM32L011D4P6 chip not programming after first 8K

Question asked by rhodes.keith on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by rhodes.keith

This CPU has 16K of flash and I can only program the first 8K. I'm using a Segger JLink probe on a custom circuit board and Atollic truestudio. I can program the first 8K properly, but the 2nd 8K won't change from a value of 0.

The Segger logs show that it is writing the proper values past the 8K boundary.

The linker script for truestudio has the correct part and indicates it has 16K of flash.The binary generated by truestudio is correct also.

Since the segger log shows the proper values being written, I'm thinking there is something going on with the CPU.

Has anyone run into this before? Is there something I need to do to enable the 2nd 8K of flash for use?

Thanks...Keith Rhodes