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STM32F76xx/STM32F77xx reference manual speed inconsistencies?

Question asked by Peters.Richard on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by Nesrine M
The STM32F7xx microcontrollers have a maximum operating frequency of 216 MHz. However, the reference manual of the STM32F76xx/STM32F77xx (RM0410 rev 2) mentions lower speeds at several places, which might be inconsistencies which I'd like to be verified.

At pag 150, Figure 12 "Clock tree" in section 5.2 "Clocks", the SYSCLK, Cortex core, and HCLK are all advertised as 200 MHz max. I suppose this should read 216 MHz instead?
At page 1786, "Ethernet MAC MII address register", the clock range of setting 100 is advertised as HCLK/102 and valid for 150-168 MHz. I suppose that, given the other ranges, this setting is valid for the 150-216 MHz range? Otherwise it would not be possible to use ethernet on a controller which runs at 216 MHz. That would be consistent with the values shown in table 276 at page 1716.