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Question asked by sharief.adil on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Hossaini.Mujtaba

I am posting on any thread 1st time so don't know if i m writing it right.

I am using STM32f103V8T6 and reserved 2kb for storing my settings in location start address 0x0800F000 and end address 0x800 reserved for ROM 2 in keil. The code i am using consumes 46k and uses 3 Usart, 1 i2c and other i/o(s). 1 Usart is reserved for MODBUS communication. 

The issue i am facing is when i get bulk noise from modbus, my STM32's Flash which has settings, gets erased randomly!. (erase means a garbage value takes place where a proper setting lied before noise generation). It does not effect areas in sequence e.g. last of flash or mid of flash. Noise just wipes out random portion of settings.