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Workaround interfacing STM32F429 FMC with a TFT

Question asked by Madera.Ricardo on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2016 by Madera.Ricardo

I am working with a smart TFT that supports the 8080 parallel interface on a custom board but the design omitted connecting the RD, RS, CS, WD to the appropriate NEx, NOE, NWE, Ax pins. Instead these 4 control lines are connected via regular GPIO.

I thought I could get away with managing the control lines manually, and letting the FMC do the work of reading and writing. I am able to write to D0-D15 just fine but reading always yields 0x0000. I think this is because the FMC controller isn't being toggled via it's pins to enter a reading state. 

Is there anyway to work around this limitation while still using FMC? Or will I have to control all the pins manually due to these 4 omitted connections? I might be able to cut traces and jumper my prototype, but I'm hoping there is an alternate method here. 

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!