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Position Independent Code Support(PIC) on STM32F479NI

Question asked by surendran.jitheesh on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by surendran.jitheesh
We are trying to implement Position Independent Code (PIC) on STM32F479NI. We have used -fpic and -msingle-pic-base options while compiling the code.

Initially we wanted prove that this PIC concept will work on a basic level with gnu-gcc toolchain. For this reason we have loaded the code into exact location where it should be without PIC support(in STM32F479NI it will be 0x80000 the flash address). But this doesn't seems to be working. I am wondering what could go wrong if you are placing PIC in same location as that of non-PIC.  am i missing something which is why everything going wrong?

Could somebody give some insight in to the proper method to be followed for Position Independent Code implementation. Any help is appreciated.

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Jitheesh Surendran