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I2S CLK Outputs on STM32F303 HAL

Question asked by Palaima.Emmett on Nov 16, 2016
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Hi, I am working with the STM32F303 (using the STM32F3Discovery) and I have been trying to set up I2S communication with an external audio codec. 

I generated code to set up the peripherals with STCubeMX. It generated code that setups up I2S2 as full duplex master with I2S MCLK out on PC6. The code generated correctly and I succeeded in building and running it.

However, when I tried checking the code with an oscilloscope there was no clock signal (LR clock, Word Clock or MCLK ) on any of the Pins (PB12-13 and PC6 for the STM32F303.

Is there something else I need to enable to use I2S?

I am using Atollic TrueStudio with a Segger J-Link debugger.