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USB Split transaction in High Speed for STM32F769I-DISCO board

Question asked by lgewer.lge on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by Johan Berts
I am writing a hub driver using HS controller for STM32F769I-DISCO board.

I have Configured the STM32F769I-DISCO boards to use the HS USB controller.
Added the code logic to support SPLIT Transaction protocol as per the STM32F7 reference manual using OTG_HCSPLTx register. 
Connected a HS HUB device (which supports Single Transaction Translator), and to the hub attached FS/LS device (like Network Dongle(FS), Mouse(LS)).
But still I am not able to get the FS/LS devices enumerated. 

Details of issue observed: 
       I don't receive any CHH interrupt in response to enabling of the SPLITEN bit in the register as per the explanation in Page-1601 of reference manual.
       ie. I have configured the HCSPLIT register with proper info like (Hub address, port number, split enable bit, xact position etc).

I have validated the HUB and found to be supporting single TT on other Host.

So, could someone help me understand following things:
         1.) Whether the STM32F769I - Discovery board supports split transactions or not ?
         2.) I also understand the STM32F7 MCU doesnot support inbuilt USB HS controller, so STM32F769I-Disco uses some external HS controller. 
             Whether the external HS controller used in STM32F769I-Disco support split transactions ? 
             Whether STM32F769I MCU supports split transaction or not ?

What needs to be done in addition to what is stated in reference manual to get split protocol working if at all hardware of STM32F769I-Disco supports split protocol?