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Resetting a timer with external pin

Question asked by Wood.Robert on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by waclawek.jan

I have been using an STM32 in a 100 pin package and using the PE0 pin which is the TIM4_ETR to reset timer 4 when the external line goes low.  I'm thus able to have a timer interrupt go off when the external line doesn't go low after a certain period of time.

Now, I'd like to use the 64-pin package, but this does not bring Timer 4's ETR pin to the outside world. It does, however, seem to me that I could use TIM4_CH1 or TIM4_CH2 to do the same job as the ETR pin by setting the TS bits in the SMCR register to be 101 or 110.

So, the simple question is: do I understand correctly? 

Many thanks!