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STM32F429 external SDRAM issue

Question asked by chris250 on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by horbach.markus
Hi All,

I have a custom hardware dev board which includes an SDRAM (AS4C16M16SA), NOR Flash (S29GL128S) and a STM32F429. The schematic for this board is identical to other commercial dev boards that have the same memory configuration.

I am attempting to access the SDRAM through the FMC on the F4. The chip select for the NOR Flash is permanently disabled (set the GPIO pin high).

I have setup a project in IAR 7.8 using the ST example (from Cube) as a base. I have adjusted the timing to match the SDRAM in use although it was almost exactly the same as the example. I am debugging using an ST Link probe.

I am able to repeatedly read/write single values to/from the SDRAM (8/16/32 bits) using the ST library function HAL_SDRAM_Write() - happy days. However when I try and write more than one value sequentially using the HAL_SDRAM_Write() function the micro locks up. I have run the code without the debug probe attached and the result is the same.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.