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MCU STM32F070RB is not going into debug mode after flashed hex file using MCU's internal bootloader

Question asked by manjunath on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by Clive One

I have written an application code in PC which programs hex file (Generated using keil microvision - Intel hex format) to STM32F070RB Microcontroller using microcontroller's internal bootloader and USART interface. The hex file flashed is working fine as expected (Tested with a small LED blink program).

But the issue is, after I used internal bootloader to flash MCU, the MCU doesn't go into debug mode even after flashing with Keil ULINK2 debugger. But the hex file flashed using debugger is also working fine as expected. Only debug is not working.

Procedure to reproduce the issue.
1. Program the MCU using its internal bootloader and USART interface
    Observation: The hex file flashed is working fine as expected (Tested with a small LED blink program)
2. Program the MCU using Keil Microvision and Keil ULINK2 debugger. 
    Observation: Able to test the hex file flashed and working fine as expected. But meanwhile some errors observed and not able to go into debug mode.
"Contents mismatch at some memory locations in flash" and "Flash download failed"
Please find the attached image.

Please help me to debug this issue.