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STM32F469, LCD, External Flash and RAM

Question asked by deshmukh.makarand on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by deshmukh.makarand

I am developing an application that has:
1. LCD Touchscreen
2. STM32F469
3. External Flash on QSPI
4. External SRAM

Other peripherals shall be an RS232 controller, a Wi-Fi Module and 2 flow meters.

I have to acquire data from the flow meters and display it on the screen. 
The data has to be sent to a server over a Wi-Fi Connection.

Size of the screen: 7 inches
Interface: RGB parallel, 24bits

Size of SRAM 8MB.
Size of Flash: 16MB.

I have a few basic questions with this implementation.

1. How are the screens stored in the flash memory? What would be the procedure to program them in the flash memory? Can it be
done at the time of programming the microcontroller?
2. What is the procedure to display the screens on the LCD? The screens stored in the flash, have to be copied to the RAM and then they can be sent to the LCD, is this assumption correct? 
3. I believe that the LCD shall be interfaced to the micro controller on LTDC. Though I do not fully understand it, the data shall move between LCD and RAM using the DMA controller on the STM32. How does this exactly work?
4. I require widgets like sliders, scroll, text boxes, keyboard on the display .I am planning to use the STEMWIN grpahics library. Would all these features be available using this library?

I have all these basic questions as I have not worked on interfacing RGB LCD with a micro controller. 

Request kind assistance, thank you very much!

Best Regards, 
Makarand Deshmukh