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STM32F207 Nucleo-144 USB Device Custom Class

Question asked by guenni on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Amel N



we use a USB custom class of our own.

For STM32 devices we changed the CDC files (of the USB device library) according our requirements. The CDC files were based on the standard peripheral library.

This works fine.

Now we want to use STM32Cube. Therefore I changed the CDC files, according the changes in the files of the older version.

But now it doesn’t work.


There is no problem with enumeration. But when I send data from host to device, the receiving of data is not correctly.

The interrupt USB_OTG_GINTSTS_RXFLVL is asserted. Then the data is read out of the FIFO within the function HAL_PCD_IRQHandler in stm32f2xx_hal_pcd.c.

Then there must be asserted the interrupt  USB_OTG_DOEPINT_XFRC, I think.

But this never occurs. So the function HAL_PCD_DataOutStageCallback is never called.


The CDC class works on the same device. So I think it’s no problem of hardware.


Any ideas?


Thanks, Guenter