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STM32f4 Discovery : Target not found

Question asked by lim.wei_zhuang on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by Clive One
Hi guys. I was working with this board and it works well. But suddenly when i wanted to build and run my code (Attollic True Studio) into the board again it show an error that it failed to connect to ST-Link. Reason : no Device found on target. error (-1)

I found out that the diode D1 is broken. as i could not replace the diode in the meantime, i then try my code on the other board where nothing is broken. The same error again.

I tried to run it in Utility. The device is not detected with JP1 on. With JP1 off, the device is detected but target not found. I tried using every available frequency and it still wont work. I tried the software reset, but it didnt work as target not found. hard reset too din help.
Driver: ST Link V2

I have search everywhere regarding this problem, but none of the solution helps. Did anyone had a similar Problem and found a solution? Thanks in advance!

The foto shows my device with JP1 off. The LEDs show me that i have no problem with power and the problem is then my STM32F407 Chip.