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STM32F429 with LAN8720A-CP and custom board, ethernet not working

Question asked by Liatukis.Julius on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by Liatukis.Julius
Hi all,
I am trying to implement ethernet interface on my custom board. I've already do some test and there is some progress. First of all, I add these files for catch up you: my schematic (in attach), code (eth.c and .h files in  attach) and phy registers:

In main: 
     /* check if any packet received */
     if (ETH_CheckFrameReceived())
       // process received ethernet packet
      // handle periodic timers for LwIP

After configuration, I am reading these PHY reg values:

From Phy reg #0
-Full duplex
-Speed: 10Mbps

From Phy reg #1
- No T4 ability
- 100BASE-TX with full duplex
- 100BASE-TX with half duplex
- 10BASE-T with full duplex
- 10BASE-T with half duplex
- PHY not able to perform full duplex 100BASE-T2
- PHY not able to perform half duplex 100BASE-T2
- auto-negotiate process completed
- no remote fault
- able to perform auto-negotiation function
- link is up

I never get ETH_IRQn interrupt. 
I not see my dedicated IP adress on PC, and DHCP is not working (after dedicated time in code - 60 sec, static address is used). All lwpip and tcpip libraries are only adjusted to hal librariers.
I am using tplin rourter to indicate if I have any device connected, but I see only my pc connected. 

Any ideas here? 
Thanks for your time and answers.