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STM32F042F6- TSSOP20- Where is the TIMER 2 Channel 1?

Question asked by Nguyen.Hung.003 on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by Nguyen.Hung.003
Dear all experts,

I am programming Incremental Encoder Reading project for 2 encoders.

I intend to use TIM2, and TIM3 for Encoder Config with 4X Reading. I check the datasheet (DM00105814) for MCU Pin configuration.
For TIM3, I can see TIM3-CH1, and TIM3_CH2 are Pin PA6, PA7

For TIM2, I cannot find TIM2-CH1, instead of that, I see 2 pin PA0 and PA5 can config to same function TIM2-CH1-ETR.

As subject, Could any one can help me to find out TIM2-CH1?

Thank you in advance.