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Dual Bank Boot not working

Question asked by Speck.Pascal.001 on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by Clive One
Dear Folks,
I have a STM32F429 running with nuttx os.
As I understood when programming the BFB2 bit to 1 the system should go to system-boot-mode and then look for a valid ram adress at 0x0810000 and after that at 0x08000000. Unfortunately this isn't working for me: I programmed the Firmware Image at both locations with a "top-of-stack" of 0x200175d8 at the beginning of the firmware image. (Verified that with debugger). When programming the BFB2 bit to 1 the device jumps to the system boot mode ( PC @ 0x1FFF5162 ) but does not continue to the firmware image when stepping through..
It ends in a loop between ( 0x1FFF24ae and 0x1FFF24b6 ). The only Uart i have access to within this device is on PC10/PC11, but there is no output even when sending 0x7F's... Does someone have an Idea how to debug this issue further?

Regards Pascal Speck