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I2C clock stretching not clearing busy bit

Question asked by santoli.massimo on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by santoli.massimo

I'm trying to figure our why I'm having an issue with a I2C clock stretching problem.
On my I2C bus I have various devices all work flawlessly apart from one (MCP39F521) that once you have finished a Master Transmit, it stretches the clock - SCL remains low for some time, before going back high ( see  image below ) - but the STM32 doesn't recognize the SCL going back high and leaves CR2 busy bit set... leaving the I2C bus locked...

Here an extract of the code I'm using:

MCP29F251_frame[0] = 0xA5;
MCP29F251_frame[1] = 0x08;
MCP29F251_frame[2] = MCP29F521_SET_ADDRESS_POINTER;
MCP29F251_frame[3] = ( address & 0xff00) >> 8;
MCP29F251_frame[4] = ( address & 0x00ff);
MCP29F251_frame[5] = MCP29F521_REGISTER_READ;
MCP29F251_frame[6] = 0x02;
MCP29F251_frame[7] = _calcCRC(MCP29F251_frame, 7);

if (  HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit( &hi2c, MCP29F521_address, (uint8_t *) MCP29F251_frame,8, 2000 ) == HAL_OK ){
          if ( HAL_I2C_Master_Receive( &hi2c,MCP29F521_address, (uint8_t *) readBuff , 5, 2000) == HAL_OK ) {

               data = readBuff[3]<<8 | readBuff[2];

               return true;


The MCP39F521 received correctly the data - because I see toggling some pins that are controlled from the payload of the I2C Master Transmit - but I can't read the data coming out.

When I debug step by step the bus SR2 busy bit get cleared, if I run it normally instead I am stuck with the problem...

Any hints are welcome..