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I2C Busy error

Question asked by frank.matthias on Oct 28, 2016

Hi everyone.

I use the STM32F29 and have a similiar problem with the I2C as the following User:

The i2C works but sometimes when i use "HAL_I2C_Mem_Read"  there is a timeout error.
After this timeout often the I2C no longer works because of a busy error.

When i measure SDA und the SCL I see that SDA is low and SCL is always high without a clock.

Why this error hapens and what can i do?

In the link above the solution is to make a stop signal with following code when the I2C is busy:

SET_BIT(hi2c1.Instance->CR1, I2C_CR1_STOP); 
I2C_WaitOnFlagUntilTimeout(&hi2c1, I2C_FLAG_BUSY, SET, 1000);

When i call that code the busy error persists.
When i measure SDA und SCL at the Busy error and after that code there are different states.

Sometimes SCL and SDA are still low. But sometimes after I have made a hardware reset and try to repeat it, SDA is low and SCL is high or they are both high.

zaehler =0;
    while (HAL_I2C_GetState(&hi2c1) !=
     test = HAL_I2C_Mem_Read(&hi2c1, panel_touch_adresse, adresse_anpassen(mxt_object_message_count_t44.start_address), I2C_MEMADD_SIZE_16BIT, (uint8_t *)buffer, mxt_object_message_count_t44.size_minus_one +1, 100);

     if(test == HAL_ERROR)
     if(test == HAL_BUSY)
       HAL_GPIO_TogglePin(GPIOG, GPIO_PIN_10);

       SET_BIT(hi2c1.Instance->CR1, I2C_CR1_STOP);
       I2C_WaitOnFlagUntilTimeout(&hi2c1, I2C_FLAG_BUSY, SET, 1000,HAL_GetTick());
     if(test == HAL_TIMEOUT)
       HAL_GPIO_TogglePin(GPIOG, GPIO_PIN_12);

     if (zaehler >=2) test = HAL_OK;

  }while(test !=