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Confusing STM32F2xx manual for INEPTXFD

Question asked by xol.xol on Oct 23, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by xol.xol
I'm looking at following register in manual:
OTG_FS device IN endpoint transmit FIFO size register (OTG_FS_DIEPTXFx)
(x = 1..3, where x is the FIFO_number)
It has two parts: 

Bits 31:16 INEPTXFD: IN endpoint TxFIFO depth
This value is in terms of 32-bit words.
Minimum value is 16
The power-on reset value of this register is specified as the largest IN endpoint FIFO
number depth.
Bits 15:0 INEPTXSA: IN endpoint FIFOx transmit RAM start address
This field contains the memory start address for IN endpoint transmit FIFOx. The address
must be aligned with a 32-bit memory location.

At the same time looking at the samples I can see following code:

    /* EP0 TX*/
    nptxfifosize.b.depth     = TX0_FIFO_FS_SIZE;
    nptxfifosize.b.startaddr = RX_FIFO_FS_SIZE;
    USB_OTG_WRITE_REG32( &pdev->regs.GREGS->DIEPTXF0_HNPTXFSIZ, nptxfifosize.d32 );

    /* EP1 TX*/
    txfifosize.b.startaddr = nptxfifosize.b.startaddr + nptxfifosize.b.depth;
    txfifosize.b.depth = TX1_FIFO_FS_SIZE;
    USB_OTG_WRITE_REG32( &pdev->regs.GREGS->DIEPTXF[0], txfifosize.d32 );

    /* EP2 TX*/
    txfifosize.b.startaddr += txfifosize.b.depth;
    txfifosize.b.depth = TX2_FIFO_FS_SIZE;
    USB_OTG_WRITE_REG32( &pdev->regs.GREGS->DIEPTXF[1], txfifosize.d32 );

    /* EP3 TX*/
    txfifosize.b.startaddr += txfifosize.b.depth;
    txfifosize.b.depth = TX3_FIFO_FS_SIZE;
    USB_OTG_WRITE_REG32( &pdev->regs.GREGS->DIEPTXF[2], txfifosize.d32 );

It does not look like values in INEPTXFD are divided by 4 to be in in terms of 32-bit words
So where is the truth? I need 128 bytes FIFO depth. Should I write into INEPTXFD value of 128 or 128/4 ?