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DFU DFUSE problem with STM32L4 (STM32L476VG)

Question asked by ferentes on Oct 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by Syed.Hasasn

We are implementing a product based on STM32L476VG and need to use DFU

To test the procedure we used  STM32L476VG Discovery board. The following issue has been found:

- Compiled a simple LED switching application in IAR converted to DFU by the file manager (tried both bin and hex)
- Tested via ST-LINK - firmware works fine
- Started DFUSE utility
- Connected BOOT0 to 3V, reset - the board presented itself as DFU
- Downloaded DFU
- removed BOOT0 connection, pressed reset - application does not start

Tried both DFUSe 3.0.5 and DFUTester in the package - same result - downloads OK  but does not start.
Also tried to set flash address to 0x080000000 during "to bin" conversion - no effect.

Same setup, same host tested with STM32F071 works without a problem.

What could be a problem? Any help would be appreciated.