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STM32F407 FSMC Interface

Question asked by s.s on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by ForumSTM32.ForumSTM3
 We are using the following micro controller from ST Micro.
            MCU Series STM32F4
            MCU Line STM32F407/417
            MCU name STM32F407ZETx
            MCU Package LQFP144
            MCU Pin number 144
    We are using FSMC interface to access a communication ASIC whichrequires synchronous bus.
    We are using the following configuration:
        NOR Flash/PSRAM/SRAM/ROM 1
        Chip select: NE4
        Memory type: PSRAM
        Address: 16 bits
        Data: 16 bits
        Clock: Burst Read Write
        Wait: Synchronous
        NOR/PSRAM control:
            Memory type PSRAM
            Bank Bank 1 NOR/PSRAM 4
            Write operation Enabled *
            Wait signal polarity Low polarity
            NOR/PSRAM timing:
            Bus turn around time in HCLK clock cycles 15
            CLK clock divide ratio 16
            Data latency in CLK clock cycles 2

Kindly let us know how do we get started with the reading and writing of the device.