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STM32F20xxx Datasheet PA4/PA5 TTa or FT?

Question asked by Valentin on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by Valentin
Hi everyone,

I'm a bit puzzled when I'm looking at the pinout part of the STM32F20xxx datasheet (p. 47).
In there, it says that pins PA4 and PA5 are of type TTa (3.3V tolerant) BUT have a little note (4) saying "FT = 5 V tolerant except when in analog mode or oscillator mode (for PC14, PC15, PH0 and PH1)."

What do I make from this? Why put that note there if the pins are only TTa anyway? But then, they're the ONLY two pins in the whole chip being TTa. Could it be that they're actually FT and this is a typo?