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Driving peripheral chips VCC directly from MCU

Question asked by fallah.omid on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by mckenney.bruce
Hi all,

I'm going to design an ultra low power circuit which should work with battery for years, so i have to decrease the power consumption as much as possible, i'm using some peripheral chips like EEPROM(m24128), accelerometer, magnetometer and ...
i know those chips have ultra low power standby mode down to 1-3 uA consumption, but i'm thinking to disconnect the VCC of them when not needed to avoid that consumption too !
for example EEPROM is used so much less than others, or magnetometer should work once every 5minute i.e ...
My MCU is Stm32L0 series, my question is can i drive those chips directly from MCU output pin ? (without on/off transistor)
and maybe connect 100nF or even 10uF caps to their VCC (so MCU out pin too).
will this make problem ?