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Mistake in SYSCFG register for STM32F405xx/07xx/01xx and STM32F415xx/17xx

Question asked by last.peeter on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by Imen D

Found mistakes for SYSCFG_MEMRMP register in many stm32f4 headers using last Cube F4 1.13.0

/******************  Bit definition for SYSCFG_MEMRMP register  ***************/  
#define SYSCFG_MEMRMP_MEM_MODE          0x00000007U /*!< SYSCFG_Memory Remap Config */
#define SYSCFG_MEMRMP_MEM_MODE_0        0x00000001U
#define SYSCFG_MEMRMP_MEM_MODE_1        0x00000002U
#define SYSCFG_MEMRMP_MEM_MODE_2        0x00000004U

SYSCFG_MEMRMP register should be aligned and updated as defined in RM0090, like this :

/*** Bit definition for SYSCFG_MEMRMP register ***/
#define SYSCFG_MEMRMP_MEM_MODE 0x00000003U /*!< SYSCFG_Memory Remap Config */
#define SYSCFG_MEMRMP_MEM_MODE_0 0x00000001U
#define SYSCFG_MEMRMP_MEM_MODE_1 0x00000002U