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STM32L4 with USB MSD and FatFS, Limitations

Question asked by Nor Sch on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by Amel N
First: I do not use USB MSD and FatFS at same Time, but they work on the same SD-Card. This SD-Card is connected via SDIO with 4 Bit Databus. I use a STM32L476 but I think the Problems should be identical for all STM32L4-MCUs.

In the last Weeks I worked among others a lot on USB MSD and FatFS and got a bunch of Trouble with this. I updated FatFS (R0.12b) and FreeRTOS (v9.0.0). To get it run, I also used some Code from the Examples of the STM32L476-Eval-Board. Additionally I refactored a lot of CubeMx-generated Files including HAL-Drivers. The Result was cleaner, shorter and better readable Code without lot of duplicate Stuff, but I couldn't find any (not-documented) Errors or Reasons for obscure Limitations.

Here are the Limitations I found:
  1. The sdmmc-ClockDivider is internally incremented by 2. With a Clock of 48 MHz and the in Theory possibly Divider 0 the 24 MHz should be possible. But In Practice I must use 2 and get a Clock of 12 MHz. Otherwise I get from Read()-Functions permanently SD_RX_OVERRUN, means that I’m to slow with reading incoming Data out of the FIFO. The Demo-Code for the STM32L476-Eval-Board also uses 2 as Divider, but why?
  3. With FatFS the DMA-Write is working fine, with DMA-Read I get again the SD_RX_OVERRUN in every Case after 84 Byte copied from FIFO into my Buffer. The FIFO has 128 Byte and seems to be again faster full than the slow L4 can read out.
  5. With USB MSD I have to use also for the Write the blocking Mode. The DMA-Write is hanging somewhere not getting a Flag (I’m not sure without testing it again, which Flag, but it looked like a suggested IRQ-Handler is not called). So from generated Code no DMA at all is usable here.
Can anyone give some Hints to these Problems or can anyone confirm these Limitations? Any Suggestion is welcome!

By the Way here are the Speed-Limits I got with deactivating other Threads. The Internal Tests are done with a 1MB-File. For the USB MSD I used a Windows 7 and copied Files greater 40 MB.

Internal FatFS Read 3908 kB/s

Internal FatFS Write 678,6 kB/s

USB MSD Read 702 kB/s

USB MSD Write 657 kB/s

I think I’m on the Limit with these Values for the slow STM32L4 with 12 MHz SDIO-Clock and only USB FS with 12 Mbit/s. But I’m sure, that I will need the DMA later to get a little bit more Power for the other Threads … Also I think, that the Implementation of SD-HAL-Drivers and FatFS is not really cooperative for RTOS. After the Start of Read / Write even with DMA you will poll on some Flags. Has anyone a Hint for a fine working Solution which has multithreading better integrated?