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STM32 F3 Discovery USART(s) difficulties

Question asked by Tavares.Eduardo on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by Tavares.Eduardo
I am not able to receive data with any usart (usart1, usart3) with interrupts.
The RXNE interrupt never gets asserted and therefore the interrupt is never called. I have jumpered the TX/RX terminal in "loopback" fashion for testing.
While debugging, I see the TDR and the RDR data however the RXNE is never asserted.
Both TXIE and RXNEIE are asserted in CR1 of the respective USART, however the only one that works is the TXIE.

What am I missing? This is a stupidly simple matter that should work, however it has consistently frustrated me.

Development with Keil MDK 4.72, have attempted both the "Standard Peripherals Library" and the new CubeMX HAL with identical results.

Any help/suggestion will be greatly appreciated!