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BUG with STM32L4-FW Version 1.5.1 and Nucleo-L476RG

Question asked by wwmv on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by wwmv
The code generated by CubeMX (V. 4.16.1 and FW L4 1.5.1) does not work. The ErrorHandler() function is called by MX_USART2_UART_Init(). If I comment out this function and have an simple
HAL_GPIO_TogglePin(LD2_GPIO_Port, LD2_Pin);
in the main loop, the MCU gets stuck in HAL_Delay(). So this seams to be an issue with the SysTick System!

System used:
SystemWorkbench 1.10.... under Linux (Kubuntu 15.10).

Does this work under Windows? Anyone?