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New to STM32 microcontrollers, need some guidance & tutorial

Question asked by hu.richard on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2016 by hu.richard
     I am quite familiar with the AVR microcontrollers and the Arduino framework but a complete noob in STM32s. I've already asked a few questions about STM32s on another forum, but I think it's not really enough. 
     Here's a few questions that I want to ask first:
1. How am I supposed to program an STM32? I am interested in the "native" way of programming an STM32 (not with Arduino)
2. Which development board should I use? By far I only know that the Maple board from Leaflabs is STM32 centered and Arduino framework compatible. Are Nucleo boards good? 
3. What software/IDE/hardware should I have in order to use an STM32? 
any help would be appreciated,
thank you :-)