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Select STM32 for 3-Phase PFC?

Question asked by deveci.firat on Oct 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by deveci.firat

I design 3 phase PFC controller in very high power rate up to 800kW with another manufacturer microcontrollers. But nowadays I want to jump ARM area. In this case, I choose STM32F334 micro and working its discovery board around 1 week. I know STM32 from 103 and 072 side very well.

But in power side we need 6 fully independent PWM channel at least. I want to use it with center aligned mode. But when I looked at F334 i couldnt find something like that. All timers have only 3-4 output, some timer has 3 complementary PWM but this is usefull for me.

In this design I have to have 2 more PWM to use charger.

STM32F334 is very good uC to use but it is OK with that? Or I have to choose another one?