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Can reset option bytes, STILL can't load firmware

Question asked by dibbs.stewart on Oct 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by dibbs.stewart
I have a very basic F103VET dev board, with the schematic. The board arrived running what I guess was ST-Link, which I don't use.  I was able to erase the Flash using the latest FlashLoader (FL) v2.8, via the Cmd line.  I can read and reset the Option bytes. I have followed the rest instructions in doc PM0075. The RDP value is 0xA5 which is supposed to mean flash is now accessible for read and write.

Despite this, I CANNOT load the firmware. Stepping thru FlashLoader in debug shows that the write operation fails on the first 2K page.  I don't have this problem with some seven other F103 board variants, just this one.  The F103VET reports that read (or write) protection is set, and it cannot erase the relevent flash.

Any ideas on the cause of this problem? All suggestions gratefully received.  Could it be possible that the manufacturer clobbered something in the chip?  I am resigned to the possibility that the boards are unusable.