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Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt

Question asked by Garag.Ashish on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by Lucian.Todor
I am using STM32469I-Evaluation board (384KB SRAM and 2MB flash), Cube MX version 4.16, SW4STM and AC6 tool chain version 1.8v (32bit OS) and ST-Link V2.1 debugger (firmware version V2.J27.M15).
I have created Led blinky project using CubeMx software for SW4STM and all works fine using ST-LINK V2.1 debugger, i can run and debug the code.
The problem is that many times i am not able to debug the code by using breakpoints even without doing any modification in led blinky project

when there is problem i have seen "Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt" message shown in debug window and the debugger does not stop at the desired breakpoint and doesn't halt at main but it is stuck in some loop.
Sometimes when message "Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt" is not shown then debugger works properly.
i am not able to understand the logic behind these message while debugging.
Please guide me were i am going wrong while debugging.