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Errata Sheet Es0291 error for STM32F070xB

Question asked by Werner Meier on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Werner Meier
en.DM00148061.pdf 1.2.2 says:
USART4_RX does not work as output on PC11
As a consequence, single wire half duplex mode is not supported with pin PC11.
->Use USART4_RX mapped on PA0 instead on PC11 (PA0 is USART4_TX!!)

actually PC10 (TX) is used for single wire half duplex mode (without pin swapping: don't know if this even works, cannot be selected for single wire mode in CUBE)
PA0 is also TX.

Big question: does PC10 actually work for single wire half duplex mode as USART4?

could anybody shed a little light into this confusion?