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Unable to detect STM32f030 MCU with ST-Link V2

Question asked by l.byron on Sep 18, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by l.byron

I just joined the forum and I am new to ARM.  I followed ARM tutorials using this link

I am using CoIDE V2 for beginner development, I was having problems trying to download the program to the STM32f030 MCU.  So I went to STM32 Utility program to find out whats going on.  I went to settings I noticed Under "STM 32 target Information", it shows the "Detection fail" message for "Target" and "Target Voltage".  

I don't know if its because I made a mistake on connect stlink programer GND to the VDD(breadboard).  I'm a little worried if I fried the chip.  

Here is the diagram of the chip I'm using.