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STM32F469 with external PHY for USB HS

Question asked by kpnz on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2016 by kpnz
I have a STM32F469IIT6 on a custom board attached to an external phy (FUSB2805MLX). I am using a 26MHz crystal on the micro and driving the 26MHz PHY with MCO2. I have built the Cube code with only the USB HS and MCO peripherials enabled, with USB CDC Device stack.

The code does not work out of the box. The phy does not initialise correctly as it doe not produce the 60MHz clock or pull the D+ line high. I've tried changing the stack and heap sizes to 0x2000 and 0x4000, respectively, to no avail.

In another project I managed to get fiddle with the code and it initialises. But as soon as you connect the device it recognises the device as a STM CDC device but either fails to start or fails to get device description or the micro hard faults.

Has anyone managed to get HS CDC working? What changes did you have to make?

In "usbd_cdc_if.c" how is "CDC_Init_HS" called? It is static and I can find no call in the project and it is required to initialise the buffers to use "CDC_Receive_HS" and "CDC_Transmit_HS".