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SRAM parity error detection

Question asked by obid.matic on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by obid.matic

I would like to enable parity error detection for SRAM in STM32F303. I know that this is done through programming option bytes.

But I don't know, how can I actually detect if parity error has occurred. If it happens, then SRAM_PEF flag in SYCFG->CFGR2 register is set. This one could be connect to TIM1 Break input interrupt, if SRAM_PARITY_LOCK in the same register is set. Does that mean, that TIM1 interrupt will occur? Or is there any other way how to detect parity error (without polling for the SRAM_PEF flag by software)?

Thank you