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Is the initialization code generated from STM32CubeMX intended to work with the wm8994 audio codec?

Question asked by J.Tobbe on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by STM32Cube-T

I've used STM32CubeMX to generate initialization code for stuff on my STM32F746G-Discovery board. I guess the clock settings are correctly initiated for the onboard audio codec (wm8994). Other settings for the SAI module are in the function MX_SAI2_Init.

I have no clue how to output audio though. I've tried to output audio by using the HAL_SAI_Transmit_DMA and HAL_SAI_Transmit functions but no audio seems to be generated.

Is the function MX_SAI2_Init designed to work specifically with the wm8994 codec or just any codec hooked to the SAI interface? Do I need to do something more to actually output an audio buffer to the interface?