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SDIO/SDMMC1 does not work with SPI2 at the same time

Question asked by horbach.markus on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by horbach.markus

Hello everyone,

i am using CubeMX 4.16.0/1 with Nucleo-F401RE or Nucleo-144_F746ZG. I want to attach an ili9341 Display on SPI2 and an SDcard in "SD 1bit" mode. If the initialisation of the SDcard is performed (MX_SDIO_SD_Init() or MX_SDMMC1_SD_Init() ), SPI2 has no Output Signal. I checked this with an oscilloscope and logic analyzer. If i comment the SDcard initialisation, SPI2 is working with the ili9341 Display flawless. I can not find a hint that the SDcard Controller and SPI2 are a shared Hardware and CubeMX is not complaining activating both the same time. Can somebody help? I attached the CubeMX files for the Hardware config, my target Hardware is the Nucleo-144_F746ZG, i only cross-checked it with the F401RE to be sure it is not related to some defective hardware of one board.

Best regards, Markus.