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GPIO on STM32479I-EVAL evaluation board

Question asked by tate.jonathan.001 on Sep 14, 2016

We have a need for over 32 GPIO's in our system for both GPIO and Clocking signals.
We also need access to the the I2C ports - I2C0 and I2C2?

Has anyone analyzed and produced a Pin-Mux matrix of the GPIO's on the  STM32479I-EVAL evaluation board(other than the tables in the User Manual) to determine access of the GPIO's other than the MFX eXpander connector?  Such as the CN5 - CN6 and C10 - C11 connectors?


We wanted access to:

1.  Another I2C port such as I2C0 and I2C 2?
2.  Are the signals on C10 and C11 ONLY for Memory interfaces or can we use this pins for GPIO?

Thank you.