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STM32F407 OSX_AcousticEC_Library testing

Question asked by dodia.yuvraj on Sep 14, 2016

I am planing to STM32F407 for my audio application.
For that i am testing STM32F4 OSX_AcousticEC_Library.
For 16Khz audio sampling rate(default) it is working fine.
In my actual application we are planing to use 48Khz audio sampling rate.

For that i changed Acoustic_EC app for 48Khz audio sampling.
Audio playback is working fine in speaker. But when i record USB stream i get playback audio in recorded file.

My question is:
- Does OSX_AcousticEC_Library support 48Khz audio sampling?
- How can i change sampling rate from 16Khz to 48Khz?