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In what exact condition does the DMA half transfer interrupt is triggered?

Question asked by lee.seungwon on Sep 14, 2016
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I have something unclear about the DMA.

From the datasheet(RM0360). It says,

Once half of the bytes are transferred, the half-transfer flag (HTIF) is set and an interrupt is generated if the Half-Transfer Interrupt Enable bit (HTIE) is set.

It is obvious that if I set DMA_CNDTRx to 48 and than enable the DMA channel half-transfer flag will be set when DMA_CNDTRx becomes 24.

But what if I set DMA_CNDTRx to an odd number like 15, when does the half-transfer interrupt is triggered? When DMA_CNDTRx becomes 7? or when it becomes 8?